Script gets you access to download private videos on Vimeo
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Vimeo Private Video Downloader

Node.js script helps you to download private videos from Vimeo

Before you start, make sure you have installed Node.js.

To check it run in terminal node -v. You will see v10.11.0 for example. If you get error, install latest Node.js.


To download videos you have to:

  1. Open the browser developer tools on the network tab (F12 on Windows/Linux, CMD + Option + I on Mac OS).
  2. Start the video (or move mouse over the video).
  3. In the "Network" tab, locate the load of the "master.json" file, copy its full URL. 3.1. In some cases Vimeo sends you encrypted video data, that you can workaround by either removing 'query_string_ranges' query parameter and/or adding 'base64_init=1' to it.
  4. Fill in url and name(using as filename) fields in videojson.js file
  5. Run: node index.js or npm run start
  6. Wait for console output 🌈 List finished

Combine and convert

To combine and convert video/audio parts to mp4 file run in terminal sh or npm run combine and enjoy!

Docker configuration

There is a Dockerfile available in the repository which uses Alpine image with Node 18 installed.

Several Makefile commands have been added in order to

  • make build: builds FROM node:18-alpine Docker image installing ffmpeg OS dependency as well
  • make start: executes npm run start entrypoint
  • make convert: executes npm run convert entrypoint
  • make bash: Runs sh command in a running container


Special thanks to contributors:

@ftitreefly - created bash script to merge videos/audio parts to mp4