Updated 2024-07-19 20:49:26 -07:00
Mealie is a self hosted recipe manager and meal planner with a RestAPI backend and a reactive frontend application built in Vue for a pleasant user experience for the whole family. Easily add recipes into your database by providing the url and mealie will automatically import the relevant data or add a family recipe with the UI editor
Updated 2024-07-19 15:27:56 -07:00
These confs are pulled into our SWAG image: https://github.com/linuxserver/docker-swag
Updated 2024-07-19 15:25:33 -07:00
Looks and smells like Sonarr but made for music.
Updated 2024-07-19 13:40:34 -07:00
qBittorrent BitTorrent client
Updated 2024-07-18 20:25:41 -07:00
This patch removes restriction on maximum number of simultaneous NVENC video encoding sessions imposed by Nvidia to consumer-grade GPUs.
Updated 2024-07-18 04:52:06 -07:00
Want a Movie or TV Show on Plex/Emby/Jellyfin? Use Ombi!
Updated 2024-07-18 03:11:21 -07:00
A list of Free Software network services and web applications which can be hosted on your own servers
Updated 2024-07-17 10:46:32 -07:00
A Smart Ethernet Switch for Earth
Updated 2024-07-16 11:21:24 -07:00
The Swiss Army knife for 802.11, BLE, IPv4 and IPv6 networks reconnaissance and MITM attacks.
Updated 2024-07-13 07:42:20 -07:00
Script gets you access to download private videos on Vimeo
Updated 2024-07-11 13:24:40 -07:00
Windows Calculator: A simple yet powerful calculator that ships with Windows
Updated 2024-07-10 18:00:20 -07:00
Command-line program to download videos from YouTube.com and other video sites
Updated 2024-07-10 16:50:46 -07:00
ZeroUI - ZeroTier Controller Web UI - is a web user interface for a self-hosted ZeroTier network controller.
Updated 2024-07-09 11:58:54 -07:00
A Python based monitoring and tracking tool for Plex Media Server.
Updated 2024-07-08 10:51:17 -07:00
ShellCheck, a static analysis tool for shell scripts
Updated 2024-07-06 22:28:06 -07:00
😱 A curated list of amazingly awesome OSINT
Updated 2024-07-04 06:53:38 -07:00
VESTA Control Panel
Updated 2024-07-01 20:34:58 -07:00