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Ship of Harkinian Ship of Harkinian


Official Website: https://www.shipofharkinian.com/


Official Discord: https://discord.com/invite/shipofharkinian

If you're having any trouble after reading through this README, feel free ask for help in the Support text channels. Please keep in mind that we do not condone piracy.

Quick Start

The Ship does not include any copyrighted assets. You are required to provide a supported copy of the game.

1. Verify your ROM dump

You can verify you have dumped a supported copy of the game by using the compatibility checker at https://ship.equipment/. If you'd prefer to manually validate your ROM dump, you can cross-reference its sha1 hash with the hashes here.

2. Download The Ship of Harkinian from Releases

3. Launch the Game!


  • Extract the zip
  • Launch soh.exe


  • Place your supported copy of the game in the same folder as the appimage.
  • Execute soh.appimage. You may have to chmod +x the appimage via terminal.


  • Run soh.app. When prompted, select your supported copy of the game.
  • You should see a notification saying Processing OTR, then, once the process is complete, you should get a notification saying OTR Successfully Generated, then the game should start.

Nintendo Switch

  • Run one of the PC releases to generate an oot.otr and/or oot-mq.otr file. After launching the game on PC, you will be able to find these files in the same directory as soh.exe or soh.appimage. On macOS, these files can be found in /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/com.shipofharkinian.soh/
  • Copy the files to your sd card
└── switch
    └── soh
        ├── oot-mq.otr
        ├── oot.otr
        ├── soh.nro
        └── soh.otr
  • Launch via Atmosphere's Game+R launcher method.

4. Play!

Congratulations, you are now sailing with the Ship of Harkinian! Have fun!


Default keyboard configuration

N64 A B Z Start Analog stick C buttons D-Pad
Keyboard X C Z Space WASD Arrow keys TFGH

Other shortcuts

Keys Action
F1 Toggle menubar
F5 Save state
F6 Change state
F7 Load state
F9 Toggle Text-to-Speech (Windows and Mac only)
F11 Fullscreen
Tab Toggle Alternate assets
Ctrl+R Reset

Graphics Backends

Currently, there are three rendering APIs supported: DirectX11 (Windows), OpenGL (all platforms), and Metal (MacOS). You can change which API to use in the Settings menu of the menubar, which requires a restart. If you're having an issue with crashing, you can change the API in the shipofharkinian.json file by finding the line gfxbackend:"" and changing the value to sdl for OpenGL. DirectX 11 is the default on Windows.

Custom Assets

Custom assets are packed in .otr files. To use custom assets, place them in the mods folder.

If you're interested in creating and/or packing your own custom asset .otr files, check out the following tools:



If you want to manually compile SoH, please consult the building instructions.


If you want to playtest a continuous integration build, you can find them at the links below. Keep in mind that these are for playtesting only, and you will likely encounter bugs and possibly crashes.

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